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Abu Simbel
Abu Simbel
Pyramids photos

04.02.2013 17:13
Colossi of Memnon
Colossi of Memnon
Pyramids photos

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Columns at Temple of Amen
Columns at Temple of Amen
Pyramids photos

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Pyramids photos

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Egypt pyramid
Egypt pyramid
Pyramids photos

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egypt pyramids
egypt pyramids
Pyramids photos

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Great Sphinx of Giza
Great Sphinx of Giza
Pyramids photos

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Pyramids photos

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karnak egypt
karnak egypt
Pyramids photos

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Land of the Pharaohs
Land of the Pharaohs
Pyramids photos

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Pyramids photos

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Luxor Temple
Luxor Temple
Pyramids photos

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Pyramid of Djoser
Pyramid of Djoser
Pyramids photos

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Temple of Karnak
Temple of Karnak
Pyramids photos

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The Columns of Ancient Egypt
The Columns of Ancient Egypt
Pyramids photos

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Valley of the Kings
Valley of the Kings
Pyramids photos

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A pyramid (from Greek: pyramis) is a framework whose shape is roughly that of the pyramid

from the geometric sense; which is, its outer surfaces are triangular and converge to the one point

on the major. The base of a pyramid could be trilateral, quadrilateral, or any polygon condition, meaning

that a pyramid has at least a few outer triangular surfaces (at the very least 4 faces including the

base). The sq. pyramid, with square foundation and four triangular outer surfaces, is really a frequent


A pyramid's layout, with the the greater part on the bodyweight closer towards the floor, and with all the

pyramidion on major implies that fewer material increased up to the pyramid might be pushing down from

over. This distribution of body weight authorized early civilizations to generate stable monumental


Pyramids have been constructed by civilizations in many elements of the entire world. For thousands of several years, the

most significant buildings in the world had been pyramids-first the Crimson Pyramid within the Dashur Necropolis and afterwards

the nice Pyramid of Khufu, both equally of Egypt, the latter the only 1 of your Seven Miracles with the

Historic World even now remaining. Khufu's Pyramid is crafted primarily of limestone (with massive pink

granite blocks employed in some interior chambers), and is regarded as an architectural masterpiece. It

consists of around one,three hundred,000 blocks ranging in fat from 2.5 tonnes (5,500 lb) to 15 tonnes (33,000

lb) and is also created on a sq. foundation with sides measuring about 230 m (755 ft), masking thirteen acres.

Its 4 sides encounter the 4 cardinal points exactly and it's got an angle of fifty two degrees. The

first height of the Pyramid was 146.5 m (488 ft), but nowadays it truly is only 137 m (455 ft) large, the

9 m (33 ft) which is missing is because of the theft from the good good quality white Tura limestone masking,

or casing stones, for construction in Cairo. It remains the tallest pyramid. The biggest pyramid

by quantity will be the Fantastic Pyramid of Cholula, while in the Mexican state of Puebla.

Chogha Zanbil is an ancient Elamite complicated while in the Khuzestan province of Iran.

The Mesopotamians created the earliest pyramidal structures, known as ziggurats. In historical moments,

these had been brightly painted. Due to the fact they were created of sun-dried mud-brick, minimal stays of

them. Ziggurats have been developed through the Sumerians, Babylonians, Elamites, Akkadians, and Assyrians for

nearby religions. Each and every ziggurat was portion of the temple advanced which included other buildings. The

precursors of your ziggurat have been raised platforms that day from your Ubaid interval all through the

fourth millennium BCE. The earliest ziggurats began around the end in the Early Dynastic İnterval.

The latest Mesopotamian ziggurats date within the sixth century BCE. İn-built receding tiers on a

rectangular, oval, or square system, the ziggurat was a pyramidal construction using a flat leading.

Sun-baked bricks produced up the main with the ziggurat with facings of fired bricks over the outdoors. The

facings were being typically glazed in different colors and may have had astrological significance. Kings

sometimes experienced their names engraved on these glazed bricks. The volume of tiers ranged from two to

seven. It is assumed that they experienced shrines within the prime, but there's no archaeological proof for

this and the only textual evidence is from Herodotus. Usage of the shrine would have been by a

number of ramps on one particular facet of the ziggurat or by a spiral ramp from base to summit. The

Mesopotamian ziggurats were not places for public worship or ceremonies. They were believed to get

dwelling destinations for the gods and every town had its have patron god. Only monks were being permitted on

the ziggurat or inside the rooms at its base, and it was their duty to care for the gods and

attend to their needs. The clergymen have been incredibly strong associates of Sumerian society.
Key post: Egyptian pyramids

Essentially the most renowned pyramids tend to be the Egyptian pyramids - massive structures built of brick or stone, some

of which can be between the world's biggest constructions. These are shaped for a reference on the rays

in the sunshine. Most pyramids had a refined, hugely reflective white limestone surface, to be able to

provide them with a shining visual appeal when viewed from a distance. The capstone was normally made from tricky

stone - granite or basalt - and will be plated with gold, silver, or electrum and would also be

highly reflective.

Right after 2700 BCE, the Egyptians commenced making pyramids, until about 1700 BCE. The very first pyramid was

designed through the Third Dynasty by king Djoser and his architect Imhotep, being a step pyramid by

stacking 6 mastabas. The most important Egyptian pyramids are definitely the pyramids at Giza. "The Egyptian solar

god Ra, thought of the father of all pharaohs, was claimed to possess created himself from the pyramid-

formed mound of earth ahead of creating all other gods. The pyramid’s condition is believed to acquire

symbolized the sun’s rays" (Donald B. Redford, Ph.D., Penn Condition).

The age from the pyramids reached its zenith at Giza in 2575-2150 BCE. Ancient Egyptian pyramids

were being typically put western of your river Nile as the divine pharaoh’s soul was meant to

be part of with the solar all through its descent before continuing with all the sun in its eternal round.

As of 2008, some one hundred thirty five pyramids are uncovered in Egypt. The good Pyramid of Giza is

the most important in Egypt and just one on the major from the globe. Until eventually Lincoln Cathedral was finished in

CE 1311, it was the tallest constructing inside the globe. The base is about fifty two,600 sq. metres (566,000

sq ft) in space. Whilst pyramids are affiliated with Egypt, the nation of Sudan has 220 extant

pyramids, one of the most various within the environment.

The nice Pyramid of Giza is without doubt one of the Seven Miracles on the Ancient Earth. It will be the just one to

endure into modern situations. The traditional Egyptians included the faces of pyramids with polished white

limestone, containing excellent portions of fossilized seashells. Lots of from the experiencing stones have

fallen or are already eradicated and employed for development in Cairo.
The ancient pyramids of Egypt

Most pyramids are located around Cairo, with only one royal pyramid remaining situated south of Cairo, at

the Abydos temple complicated. The pyramid at Abydos, Egypt were commissioned by Ahmose I who established

the 18th Dynasty and the New Kingdom.

The making of pyramids started while in the 3rd Dynasty together with the reign of King Djoser. Early kings

such as Snefru created numerous pyramids, with subsequent kings including to your amount of pyramids

till the tip in the Center Kingdom. The final king to build royal pyramids was Ahmose, with

later on kings hiding their tombs inside the hills, like during the Valley from the Kings in Luxor's West

Financial institution.

In Medinat Habu, or Deir el-Medina, smaller sized pyramids ended up developed by people today. Smaller pyramids

were also developed via the Nubians who ruled Egypt inside the Late Period of time, while their pyramids had

steeper sides.
Most important post: Nubian pyramids
Nubian Pyramids at Meroe with pylon-like entrances.

Nubian pyramids were built (approximately 220 of them) at a few web pages in Sudan to function tombs

for that kings and queens of Napata and Meroë. The pyramids of Kush, also referred to as Nubian Pyramids,

have various attributes compared to the pyramids of Egypt. The Nubian pyramids were being produced at

a steeper angle than Egyptian ones. They had been monuments to useless kings and queens. Pyramids

ended up however becoming built in Sudan as late as CE three hundred.

A person on the distinctive constructions of Igbo society was the Nsude Pyramids, within the Nigerian town of

Nsude, in Abuja, northern Igboland. 10 pyramidal constructions had been designed of clay/mud. The 1st

foundation part was sixty ft. in circumference and three ft. in peak. The subsequent stack was forty five ft. in

circumference. Round stacks ongoing, till it reached the best. The constructions were temples for

the god Ala/Uto, who was thought to reside in the prime. A adhere was placed within the major to signify

the god's home. The buildings ended up laid in groups of 5 parallel to one another. Because it

was built of clay/mud like the Deffufa of Nubia, time has taken its toll necessitating periodic

Most important short article: Greek pyramids

Pausanias (2nd century CE) mentions two structures resembling pyramids, one particular, 19 kilometres (12 mi)

southwest in the still standing construction at Hellenikon, a typical tomb for soldiers who died

within a legendary struggle for that throne of Argos and an additional which he was instructed was the tomb of

Argives killed within a fight all-around 669/8 BCE. Neither of these however endure and there's no

evidence that they resembled Egyptian pyramids.
Pyramid of Hellinikon

You can also find not less than two surviving pyramid-like structures still accessible to analyze, 1 at

Hellenikon along with the other at Ligourio/Ligurio, a village close to the traditional theatre Epidaurus. These

properties weren't constructed in the same method as the pyramids in Egypt. They do have inwardly

sloping partitions but in addition to all those there isn't a noticeable resemblance to Egyptian pyramids. They had

substantial central rooms (unlike Egyptian pyramids) along with the Hellenikon construction is rectangular instead

than square, twelve.5 by 14 metres (forty one by forty six ft) which means which the sides couldn't have fulfilled at a

point. The stone used to make the pyramids was limestone quarried regionally and was lower to suit,

not into freestanding blocks similar to the Good Pyramid of Giza.

There isn't any remains or graves in or near the structures. Instead, the rooms the partitions housed

had been created to become locked from the within. This coupled with all the system roof, suggests that a person of your

functions these constructions might have served was as watchtowers. Yet another probability for your

buildings is always that they are shrines to heroes and soldiers of historical moments, even so the lock over the

inside is senseless for these kinds of a intent.

The courting of such "pyramids" continues to be produced with the pot shards excavated through the flooring and on

the grounds. The most recent dates accessible from scientific relationship are actually estimated close to the 5th

and 4th generations. Commonly this system is used for courting pottery, but right here scientists have

applied it to test to this point stone flakes through the walls of your structures. This has established some discussion

about whether these "pyramids" are actually more mature than Egypt, and that is component on the Black

Athena controversy. The idea for his or her use of thermoluminescence so as so far these

structures is often a new approach to gathering samples for tests. Experts from laboratories employed

out via the current excavators in the web page, The Academy of Athens, state that they are able to use the

electrons trapped on the internal surface from the stones to positively identify the day which the

stones were being quarried and place with each other.

Mary Lefkowitz has criticised this investigate. She implies that a few of the analysis was performed not

to find out the dependability of the courting process, as was advised, but to back again up an assumption

of age and also to make sure points about pyramids and Greek civilization. She notes that not simply

would be the effects not quite precise, but that other structures mentioned within the study will not be in

point pyramids, e.g. a tomb alleged to be the tomb of Amphion and Zethus near Thebes, a structure

at Stylidha (Thessaly) which is simply a prolonged wall, and so forth. She also notes the possibility which the

stones that were dated might need been recycled from before constructions. She also notes that

earlier research in the nineteen thirties, verified during the nineteen eighties by Fracchia was dismissed. She argues that

they undertook their research employing a novel and earlier untested methodology to be able to

verify a predetermined principle in regards to the age of such constructions.

Liritzis responded inside a journal write-up released in 2011, stating that Lefkowitz failed to

realize and misinterpreted the methodology.

The Pyramids of Güímar make reference to six rectangular pyramid-shaped, terraced constructions, developed from

lava stone without having the use of mortar. They're situated during the district of Chacona, part with the

town of Güímar about the island of Tenerife while in the Canary Islands. The structures are already dated to

the 19th century and their first purpose stated as being a byproduct of latest agricultural


Area traditions too as surviving visuals show that identical buildings (also called,

Morras, "Majanos", "Molleros", or "Paredones") could at the time are found in many places on

the island. On the other hand, after some time they have got been dismantled and utilized like a affordable making materials. In

Güímar alone there have been 9 pyramids, only 6 of which survive.
Ancient Korean tomb in Ji'an, Northeastern China
Main write-up: Chinese pyramids

There are numerous square flat-topped mound tombs in China. The very first Emperor Qin Shi Huang (circa 221

BCE, who unified the 7 pre-Imperial Kingdoms) was buried less than a big mound outside the house modern day

Xi'an. In the following hundreds of years a few dozen extra Han Dynasty royals were also buried below

flat-topped pyramidal earthworks.
Major posting: Mesoamerican pyramids
Pyramid inside the Mayan city of Chichen Itza, Mexico

Quite a few Mesoamerican cultures also designed pyramid-shaped buildings. Mesoamerican pyramids ended up

generally stepped, with temples on top, additional comparable to the Mesopotamian ziggurat compared to Egyptian


The biggest pyramid by quantity will be the Terrific Pyramid of Cholula, within the Mexican point out of Puebla.

This pyramid is taken into account the biggest monument ever produced any place within the planet, which is

continue to currently being excavated. The third premier pyramid in the globe, the Pyramid in the Solar, at

Teotihuacan is likewise situated in Mexico. There's an uncommon pyramid with a circular prepare within the

website of Cuicuilco, now inside Mexico Metropolis and mainly protected with lava from an eruption on the

Xitle Volcano inside the 1st century BCE. There are plenty of circular stepped pyramids referred to as

Guachimontones in Teuchitlán, Jalisco likewise.

Pyramids in Mexico had been typically applied as areas of human sacrifice. For the re-consecration of Terrific

Pyramid of Tenochtitlan in 1487, the Aztecs noted that they sacrificed about eighty,four hundred people today around

the program of 4 days.
North The us
A diagram exhibiting the varied factors of Japanese North American system mounds

Lots of pre-Columbian İndigenous American societies of historic North The usa designed large pyramidal earth

structures often called system mounds. Amid the largest and best-known of such structures is Monks

Mound on the website of Cahokia, that has a base more substantial than that in the Excellent Pyramid at Giza. Quite a few

on the mounds underwent many episodes of mound building at periodic intervals, some

getting pretty big. They may be believed to own performed a central purpose while in the mound-building

peoples' spiritual everyday living and documented makes use of contain semi-public chief's residence platforms, public

temple platforms, mortuary platforms, charnel home platforms, earth lodge/town home platforms,

home platforms, square ground and rotunda platforms, and dance platforms.

Cultures who developed substructure mounds incorporate the Troyville tradition, Coles Creek society,

Plaquemine culture and Mississippian cultures.
Roman Empire
Pyramid of Cestius in Rome

The 27-metre-high Pyramid of Cestius was developed via the end on the 1st century BCE and nonetheless exists

nowadays, near for the Porta San Paolo. A further one particular, named Meta Romuli, standing during the Ager

Vaticanus (present-day Borgo), was ruined within the end in the 15th century.

There's also a Roman era pyramid in-built Falicon, France. There have been lots of more pyramids

in-built France on this period of time.
Medieval Europe

Pyramids have at times been utilized in Christian architecture from the feudal period, e.g. given that the

tower of Oviedo's Gothic Cathedral of San Salvador.
The primary gopura of the Thanjavur Temple pyramid.

Several giant granite temple pyramids have been created in South India during the Chola Empire, several of which

remain in religious use currently. Samples of this sort of pyramid temples include things like Brihadisvara Temple at

Thanjavur, the Temple of Gangaikondacholapuram and the Airavatesvara Temple at Darasuram. Nevertheless

the most important temple pyramid in the area is Sri Rangam in Srirangam, Tamil Nadu. The Thanjavur

temple was built by Raja raja Chola in 11th century. The Brihadisvara Temple was declared by

UNESCO to be a Planet Heritage Website in 1987; the Temple of Gangaikondacholapuram along with the Airavatesvara

Temple at Darasuram were extra as extensions for the web-site in 2004.
Borobudur, Central Java.

Beside menhir, stone desk, and stone statue; Austronesian megalithic culture in Indonesia also

showcased earth and stone move pyramid constructions named Punden Berundak as learned in

Pangguyangan, Cisolok and Gunung Padang, West Java. The development of stone pyramids is based on

the native beliefs that mountains and superior locations tend to be the abode to the spirit of the ancestors.

The stage pyramid is the standard style and design of 8th century Borobudur Buddhist monument in Central Java.

Nevertheless the afterwards temples built in Java had been motivated by Indian Hindu architecture, as shown

with the towering spires of Prambanan temple. In the fifteenth century Java all through late Majapahit time period

saw the revival of Austronesian indigenous components as displayed by Sukuh temple that rather

resemble Mesoamerican pyramid.